For almost 10 years Sapor Textile has been providing high-quality shirt fabrics to our customers in Central and Eastern Europe. Our shirt fabrics meet the highest demands of our customers, who are looking for products in composition 100% cotton, as well as mix. We provide one of the largest base of fabric samples (also prints) in Poland, what makes our collection remarkably recognised.

Company's business activities include wholesale and retail of shirt fabrics. Our clients can enjoy products supplied by us, including the best quality of shirt fabrics and a wide range of accessories. In Sapor Textile we believe in a power of good relations with the client. We can advise on making the right decisions or help in selecting an assortment. We provide our customers the highest level of customer service.

Our main suppliers are distinguishable international factories such as James Fabric or Guldogan. As their agents, quality and recurrence of designs are guaranteed, what has resulted in a very dynamic progress of our company.

Through the commitment of all the people creating Sapor Textile, we are constantly growing, developing and improving our offer. Stay tuned!